Purpose-centred cohesion

We facilitate shared understanding and creativity
by leveraging multiple perspectives.


Broadening the vision of a new head office through co-design

Co-design of a change management plan to address how people work together in a redefined space; the challenges of working cross-functionally and; managerial approaches adapted to the new headquarters.

Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, France

A solid foundation to launch a digital transformation

Stakeholder expectation assessment, impact analysis and recommendations for the future organization, and change management support to align the pilot country subsidiary stakeholders.

Electrolux Professional, head office and UK commercial subsidiary

Strengthened management team cohesion

Reshaping the governance of a management team and creating awareness of individual and group behavior to develop better team agility in addressing context specific needs.

Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, France

Insight into greater sales tool integration within the broader business                          

A qualitative assessment of stakeholder perceptions of a sales tool in development. Recommendations to capitalise on functional benefits, facilitating greater tool integration within the overall sales process and with corporate objectives.

BD, European head office, France

Transformation opportunities for businesses after the lockdown

Realisation of a study to examine work and management practices during the Covid-19 crisis. The research identifies the effects and implications for businesses and the transformation opportunities that emerged.

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