Workshop Facilitation

We empower transformation teams to design their own solutions

 Facilitated Workshops

Cross-functional efficiency and a deeper understanding of business needs

Definition of indicators for an industrial manufacturing process and cross functional collaboration.

1 ½ day, 68 participants (multiple departments)

Industrial company, Switzerland

Broadening the vision of a new head office through co-design

Co-design of a change management plan to address how people work together in a redefined space; the challenges of working cross-functionally and; managerial approaches adapted to the new headquarters.

1 1/2 jours, 50 participants (multiple departments)

Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

Mobilisation of stakeholders in taking ownership of a digital process

Development of a shared change management vision and action plan for a dematerialisation project.

1 day, 24 participants (executive committee, project team)

International NGO, Switzerland

Make Tracks SARL, capital social de 5000€
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