Reimagining value

We design and facilitate collaborative approaches that equip clients
to create value in their organisation.


A new organisation for better customer experience                                                                                                                                 

Co-design of the new roles, responsibilities and processes and the transformation implementation plan of a French sales subsidiary.

Electrolux Professional France

Functional clarity and process cohesion for an operations department                                                                                     

Transformation support for the operations department team through the participative redefining of roles, responsibilities and work processes, and subsequent planning of the implementation phase.

Schneider Electric Belgium

Towards energy and climate security in Switzerland through the structuring of an energy-savings sector

Mobilisation of the key players driving energy-savings in Switzerland to structure reflections on the creation of a collaborative energy-savings platform in order to promote best practice.

Geneva industrial services, Switzerland

A vision of leadership in the service of community

Design and facilitation coaching for a three-day collaborative workshop to define the social responsibility of a religious institution.

African Inland Church Congo

Cross-functional efficiency and a deeper understanding of business needs

One and half day multi-stakeholder workshop to define indicators for an industrial manufacturing process and cross functional collaboration.

Luxury brand, Switzerland

Make Tracks SARL, capital social de 5000€
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